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Rules of Conduct

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 03, 2007 8:44 am    Post subject: Rules of Conduct  Reply with quote

RULES OF CONDUCT: (written by Ankolsen)

Members of Allnewts are always, at any time expected to conduct themselves, and behave in a sensible, respectable manner. As such, the following Code of Conduct, rules has been established to make sure that every member are aware of what org expectations are, to be able to contribute to the positive legacy and feel of ALLNEUTS :

#1 Don't ever try to Ninjaloot - This means a player or group of players killed something, and you are attempting to steal the loot on the corpse. This usually happens when a team is deciding how to distribute the loot. Be aware that players CAN log the fact that you stole something which you did not earn and /petition you.

#2 Don't train - This means that you have a number of mobs (hostile creatures) chasing you and that without warning you pull them through a player or group of players to try and save your own skin. This is something the community as a whole frowns upon, if you can't handle the action...don't go and get innocent players killed if 30 mobs (thus the term 'train') are chasing you for making a mistake. Players can also /petition against you for training, so I strongly advice against it. The most common places this happens is in Subway, Temple of The Three Winds and at P7/SB Hecklers spots in Elysium.

#3 Don't beg for credits - That last thing you want to do, is tell someone 'can I have some credits? Im new', you may get 10-100k from a few people, but those who know the game will rather tell you how to make cash rather than give it to you. It would be best for you to search the AO Official Forums on how to make cash at your level. Ask in the forum of your respective profession for more detailed help on making creds. If you can't post, you can still search and also ask in-game in the OCC channel for advice.

#4 Don't try to cheat people in trades - This is possibly the worst thing you could ever do. Trading empty bags claiming that they contain items for cash is just NOT acceptable. The community dislikes these type of players with a passion, and you will not make any friends once the word is spread. This is a serious offense in the game.

#5 If doing an org-team to get a specific rare drop (like GTA) - loot-rights belong to org-team !!! if guest are invited, they do'nt have any loot-rights whatsoever, unless agreed upon before launch of team, ppl not willing to accept that should be kicked from team at once, they can make their own teams, get help from their own orgs./friends or try to OD if they would like to play that game... (i do'nt !!)

#6 ODing or killstealing, or attempts to OD/KS or harrasment of any type, of another individual or team that was first to initiate an attack on a mob is NOT accepted by ALLNEUTS !!! (not nescesarily against FC-rules - and there may be rare exeptions but....) All sorts of harrasment of other players and teams is in generel frowned upon, plz do'nt destroy others game-play, nomatter what reason... (Harrasment is a bannable offence according to FC-EULA)

#7 Swearing, cursing, F***-bombs and a generel bad attitude is not accepted in org. chat, you wo'nt be kicked for letting some heat slip out, happens, but please respect we have members in all ages from all over the world, behave plz !!!

#8 Role-playing this is more of a guideline but is strongly encouraged that you try and keep to it in vicinity chat if you are a member, we are heading more into Role-playing and your support is needed in this.


Sciscum nunc, teneo cras
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